New software installation by J&K Bank leaves people in lurch

Srinagar, Jun 13: The transactions and other procedures have got affected in all branches of Jammu and Kashmir bank in view of new people- friendly software installation leaving the people to lurch at large.

It has been learnt that the system at all J&K bank branches have crashed hours ago.

Locals said that the transactions through the cheques have got affected as the cheques not being accepted at these J&K branches.

However, an official from J&K bank said that a technical snag has taken place at several branches.

“We are on it and the efforts are going to restore the services as quickly as possible,” he said.

Pertinently, the bank had sent a prior SMS to the general people in which it was conveyed that a major system upgrade scheduled this month may lead to temporary disruption of services.

“Due to major system upgrade scheduled in this month there may be temporary disruption of services. We solicit your cooperation & request you to bear with us. JK BANK,” the SMS read. A top JK Bank official said that new system softwarw will be user friendly and once operational, it will save time of customers. “New system will be operational soon,” he said—(KNO)

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