What do we do?

The purpose of The Kashmir Press is to faithfully and fearlessly provide readers with instant and accurate online breaking news, news updates, analyses, reportage, and opinion pieces regarding important developments throughout the region.

The Kashmir Press provides in- depth reportage produced by experienced reporters to give readers a comprehensive view of Kashmir and all adjoining regions.

The Kashmir Press also provides periodic updates about activities of the Kashmiri Diaspora and their efforts to highlight developments in Kashmir and the region through dissemination of accurate news, advocacy and associated activities abroad.

How are we different?

The Kashmir Press believes in the motto “Everything in Black and White.” It thus promises readers to provide real-time news with accuracy, fairness and impartiality.

In a break from tradition, the Kashmir Press news website will feature varied opinions so as to present multiple perspectives of all major developments throughout the turbulent region.

It is run by seasoned and professional journalists who are graduates of reputable local and international universities with the sole aim of providing quality news from ground zero.

It is the first serious local initiative led by professional journalists at a time when print journalism in the region is slowly being replaced by digital applications as it is in much of the rest of the world.


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