Will revive Dua-e-Subhu, Auraat reverberation in Masjids Kashmir: Dr Darakhshan Andrabi

Srinagar, June 10: Jammu and Kashmir Waqf Board chairperson, Dr Darakhshan Andrabi on Thursday said that Dua-e-Subhu and Auraat, with which Masjid’s used to reverberate, will soon be revived in the Kashmir Valley.

Talking to reporter on the sidelines of a function here, she said that they will bring that era back in Kashmir when Masjids in the morning would reverberate with Dua-e-Subhu and Auraat.

She said that that charm and soulfulness has been missing for quite some time now.

“Holding events to revive sufism in J&K is one thing and returning to Dargahs with heart and soul is another thing. When hearts and souls will return to Dargahs only then sanctity of Dargahs will be restored,” she said.

She further said that to revive that sanctity Waqf Board has started working that direction and in the coming days everyone will come to know what Waqf is doing.

Darakhshan said that like before peace and prosperity will return to Kashmir again and once again everyone will witness that reverberation of Dua-e-Subhu and Auraat in Masjids in the morning.


Maulana Hami welcomes restoring of Dua-e-Subhu, Auraat in Masjids by Waqf Board

Karwan-i-Islami chairman Maulana Ghulam Rasool Hami welcomed restoring of Dua-e-Subhu and Auraat in the Masjid by the Jammu and Kashmir Waqf Board.

Maulana Hami said that it is a welcome step that Waqf Board will work towards reviving and restoring Dua-e-Subhu and Auraat in the Masjids during morning.

He said that reciting of Dua-e-Subhu and Auraat used to be an old practice in the Kashmir Valley and it had a lot of spiritual importance, however, over the past few years the practice was not in vogue.

“Now Waqf Board taking steps to revive the practice is a welcome step as it would not only refresh our souls but would also give a message of brotherhood and also teach us harmony,” he added. kns

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