Resistance groups lash out at army chief Bipin Rawat for his remarks against “Azaadi”


The resistance leadership has strongly reacted to the statement of army Cheif Bipin Rawat, asserting their exists no military power stronger than the will of the people.

Hurriyat(M)  spokesman said that in the past British like the Indian forces had all the means and methods to keep India occupied yet they had to exit as will power and desire for freedom was far stronger than the military might.

General Rawat elicited stinging response from pro-freedom leadership and social media users after he claimed that that attaining freedom for Kashmiri youth was impossible.

The Hurriyat said that even though the threats of bombing Kashmiris in Syrian style were real, yet the resilience and will power to resist is far greater than the threats.

APHC said that Bipin Rawat needs to ask questions to Indian politicians as to why the young educated youth were sacrificing everything and picking up guns.

Terming army chief General Bipin Rawat’s remarks that ‘Azadi’ isn’t possible as “illogical”, Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) chairman Yasin Malik said he “needs to revisit basic historical facts before issuing such threats”.

JKLF spokesperson quoting Malik said: “General Rawat needs to revisit basic historical facts before issuing such threats to a nation that has resolved to achieve freedom”.

“ General Rawat wants Kashmiris to surrender before Indian might without even realizing that many generals before him failed to achieve this…,” he said.

“Today the so-called biggest democracy called India is using its military, police and forces have choked every little space on peaceful political activities, pushed our youth in political movement to the wall by torturing them and humiliating their families in police stations and camps and hence leaving no other option for them but to go for an ultimate sacrifice,” he said.

Muslim league in a statement said that Army chief was befooling the Indian population.

Castigating army chief spokesperson Sajad Ayubi said that   Rawat’s statement was without substance and contrary to facts. He said Kashmiris were  determined to carry their struggle to logical end from last 70 years and have never bowed before ‘brute’ ten lakh Indian forces.

Reacting to intimidation of turning kashmir, into another  Syria, Sajad ayubbi said that it depicts army chief’s military mindset. He termed the chief’s statement as politically immature.

Terming the statement of Army Chief General Bipin Rawat about Kashmir as provocative, Jammu Kashmir Democratic Freedom Party (JKDFP) has expressed displeasure on the confrontational statement issued by the General.

A JKDFP spokesperson said that General Rawat’s present statement is in contrast to his last one where he had said that issues must be resolved mutually.

JKDFP said that people like General Rawat will see the success of Kashmiri people with their eyes.

JKDFP said that history bears witness to the fact that just movements have always achieved success against mightiest military powers of the world and General Rawat must read the freedom struggle of its own country for a glaring example of that.

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