Govt to send back RBA/ALC employees to their native areas if they have not served in them for statutory 7-year period

Srinagar, Aug 02: The Jammu & Kashmir Government has set the ball rolling for sending the employees appointed under the Reserved Backward Area (RBA) and Actual Line of Control (ALC) categories to their native areas if they have failed to serve in them for a minimum statutory period of seven years.

In a significant move, the government has directed the head of departments (HODs) to identify the employees appointed under the Reserved Backward Area (RBA) and Actual Line of Control (ALC) categories who have not served in those areas for minimum period of seven areas and are serving outside them.

“Such employees who have not fulfilled this condition and are serving outside RBA/ALC areas shall be identified by the respective HoDs and their details shared with the concerned Administrative Departments to ensure that their services are utilized for the mandatory period in these areas as per statutory regulations under J&K Reservation Act 2004,” reads the GAD directive.

The Government has also directed the employees who have been beneficiaries of reservation under these categories to furnish an undertaking that they have served in such areas for the statutorily mandated minimum period of seven years.

“The undertaking shall be duly authenticated from their services books by the concerned DDOs and furnished to the respective HoDs,” the directive further states.

Under The Jammu & Kashmir Reservation Act, 2004 and Rules framed thereunder, it is mandatory for a government employee who has been appointed as an RBA/ALC candidate to serve for a minimum of seven (07) years in such areas.

The GAD directive has pointed out that a large number of employees have not fulfilled the condition of serving for a period of seven years in their native areas despite availing the benefit of reservation under these categories.

The GAD has asked the departments to submit a compliance report within a month’s time positively.kno

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