Farooq Abdullah ‘outraged’ at Muslim genocidal calls by right wing outfits, demands action by GoI

Srinagar, Jan 13: National Conference President and Member of Parliament from Srinagar Dr Farooq Abdullah on Thursday expressed outrage over the incendiary remarks and genocidal threats against Muslims and other minority groups and demanded stern action against those spewing venom at hate speech conclaves across the country.

Voicing concern over the inflammatory and provocative speeches against Muslims at an event in Haridwar and other such hate speech conclaves of right wing groups, Dr Farooq Abdullah said, “The nature of speeches delivered in Haridwar between 17 and 19 December 2021, and other such hate speech conclaves across the country is deplorable. Recurring such open seditious and genocidal calls in the country are deeply disturbing,” he said.

Censuring the government of turning a blind eye to the hate speeches against the Muslim community, Dr Farooq said the criminal hush in government circles raises a question mark that begs to be answered.

He said that India being a signatory to the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (CPPCG) under Article 3 C which clearly criminalizes ‘Direct and public incitement to commit genocide’ – should act firmly against such groups and individuals that call for genocide of country’s Muslims. “These hate speech conclaves also fit a variety of crimes under Indian laws and are antagonistic to national integrity and peace.

The prevailing blanket silence of the country’s head and absence of any punitive action has emboldened such hate mongers,” he said adding, “I will be grateful if action is taken against those who have violated the Genocide convention. Urgent action is needed otherwise it will embolden those who spread hatred thereby vitiating the atmosphere. It will inevitably result in further alienation of the minorities which is not in the interest of India.”

He demanded that the groups and individuals spewing hate be taken to task. “It is high time that the government stops emboldening these hatemongers with its inaction and establishes rule of law,” he said. gns

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