Kashmir University deprives hosteliers of electricity during harsh winter

Srinagar, Nov 24: The administration in Kashmir University has failed to provide electricity to the hostel boarders of Quratul Ain Hyder hostel by not repairing a faulty generator.

Students said that from the last one month the electricity generator is not working in the hostel, which is compelling them to spend nights in the dark.

“Whenever the electricity goes off the hostel administration does not operate the generator in our hostel as it is not working,” students said.

They said the administration in the hostel is so callous that despite reminders by students the generator is not being repaired.

“We are spending cold nights in darkness due to lack of generator facilities. It will also hit our studies. How can we study in darkness,” they said.

The students said their exams are going on but the electricity is not available for them.

When contacted, Dr Nissar Registrar Kashmir University said that he will look into the issue and will get it resolved. kdc

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