1.25 lakh teachers suspended for supporting protests in Myanmar

Myanmar: The government of Myanmar has suspended over 1,25,000 teachers for joining the Civil Disobedience movement opposing the military take over on February 1, the Reuters reported. 

An official of the Teacher’s Federation said that the suspension is meant to threaten people to come back to work as firing so many people from work will stop the system. According to data released two years back, Myanmar has 4,30,000 school teachers, reports said.

The official website of the military has called on the teachers and students to return to their work. Around 19,500 university employees have also been suspended for taking part in the protest movement against the military government of Myanmar, reports added.

The National Unity Government set up by the parliamentarians belonging to the anti-military National League for Democracy (NLD) and others has called on the foreign donors to stop funding the education ministry of the military government. (Reuters)

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