Many people distorted the message of Islam apart from Maulana Wahiduddin Khan, other clerics and Khatibs: LG Sinha

Srinagar, Mar 23: Jammu and Kashmir’s Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha Tuesday said that even though ISIS has cast its net in Syria and Iraq through its radicalization propaganda but in J&K UT there were no takers for the ideology.

He, however, said that there was a need to counter the social media radicalization propaganda sponsored from across the LoC.

Addressing the “Confluence of Religious Leaders in Kashmir” Conference at SKICC here, the LG said that ISIS ideology is being promoted to radicalize youth in Syria and Iraq. “In J&K UT there are no takers for ISIS ideology. That sort of radicalization is comparatively very, very less in J&K UT. But our concern is that social media sponsored radicalization from across the LoC,” LG Sinha said.

The day-long Conference witnessed huge participation of around 550 religious heads including Moulvis & Muftis, as many as 200 women and 200 youth.

Prominent religious leaders including Sheikh Muzaffar, Mufti Nisar Ahmad, Maulana Muzzafar, Mr. Tariq Ahmad ,Mufti Aslam Sahib, Khalida Parveen, Rakesh Kaulji, Maulana Mufti , Sakhi Rathore, Maulvi Javaid, Maulvi Shabir, Moulana Ab Majeed Parray, Mufti Ghulam Mustafa, Mufti Mudasir Mohammad were present on the occasion.

He said that efforts made from across LoC to lure youth towards violence needs to be understood.

“A human being is clear by his heart, but at times, atmosphere around him, lures him towards wrong. How to prevent this radicalization should be our priority. We need to promote Sufism and teachings of our Gurus. We don’t need any foreign model to deal with this menace,” Sinha said, adding that religious scholars are the torch bearers and hold the key to tackle the challenges like radicalization.

The LG said that at times it has been seen that even educated youth tread wrong path. “If that happens, parents and religious scholars need to play their part. At the same time, mainstream media shouldn’t blow things out of proportion by focusing on a single case,” he said, adding that the role models for the youth should be Maqbool Sherwani and Brigadier Rajinder.

He said that radicalization should not be associated with a specific religion. “There is a need for Islamic Scholars to formulate a policy and a process by which a helpless person, who is exposed to a violent ideology, is prevented from getting radicalized,” said the Lt Governor.

The Lt Governor appreciated the efforts being made to discuss the role of religious leaders and women in creating violence-free society, Counter-Radicalization and modernization of Madrassa education.

“J&K has remained home to diverse religious and cultural influences which deeply enriched its pluralistic ethos. No development and progress is possible without sustained peace, communal harmony and brotherhood,” said the Lt Governor. “The Lt Governor emphasized the need for restoration of the pristine glory of J&K as an abode of peace, amity, communal harmony and brotherhood and urged the people to come forward in achieving this goal.”

He said that “Violence has no place in any civilized society and peaceful co-existence is the best means to resolve problems.”.

He said many people distorted the message of Islam and apart from Maulana Wahiduddin Khan, there are many clerics and khatibs who raised voice against deliberate distortion and misinterpretation of the selected portion of Islamic texts.

There is a need to check propagation and wrong interpretation of texts from holy books, besides realizing our responsibilities to show the right way and direction to the one who is treading a wrong path, said the Lt Governor.

The Lt Governor termed Jammu and Kashmir as an ocean of spirituality. Here the values of humanity and tolerance emanating from the united culture of Shavisim, Buddhism and Sufism have always flourished over the centuries, he added.

He made special mention of Sufi saint Farid and Adi Shankaracharya and asked the people to spread their message of humanity and love.

If you see any religion of the world, it teaches us only two paths – the paths of meditation and love. The problem arises when the original values of the religion are ignored and the spirit of love, kindness, compassion, renunciation which develops the ‘Sarva Dharma Sama Bhava’ and communal harmony is harmed. It is our responsibility to correct the wrong rhetoric and misinterpretation to preserve the feeling of love and harmony, said the Lt Governor.

Many cases have come up in which even a very educated person gets radicalized. We need to counter radicalization through Sufi tradition, religious heads and Mothers and sisters without any particular sect, added the Lt Governor.

Speaking on the immense talent and potential possessed by the youth of J&K, the Lt Governor said that under the guidance of the Hon’ble Prime Minister, the UT administration is putting in all out efforts to provide them with rightful opportunities.

Highlighting the reformative measures being taken in the education sector by the government, the Lt Governor said that from this session, education will be imparted in all 5 official languages. Translation of local folklores and those of other states for cultural exchange and understanding is being done to promote the spirit of “Ek Bharat, Shreshtha Bharat”.

Speaking on the occasion, Moulana Muzaffar also stressed on the need to put a special focus on misrepresentation of Islamic teachings further adding that the certain elements within the community are distorting the Islam’s message for peace, love and harmony.

Prominent among others present on the occasion were Sh. Baseer Ahmed Khan, Advisor to the Lt Governor; Sh. Pandurang K. Pole, Divisional Commissioner, Kashmir; Sh. Vijay Kumar, IGP Kashmir; Sh. Mohammad Aijaz, Deputy Commissioner Srinagar and Sh. Rahul Pandey, Director, Information and Public Relations.

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