Providing health care to routine non Covid19 patients our top priority: Director Health  

Director Health Services Kashmir, Dr Samir Mattoo

Srinagar, May 16: Director Health Services Kashmir, Dr Samir Mattoo has said that the top priority of the health department is to provide best health care to the routine non-covid19 patients in Kashmir.  

He said the Covid -19 Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Protocols were being adhered to in letter and spirit  in Kashmir Division while at the same time the department was providing patient care to the people in hospitals.

“We have Cardiac, Neurology, Nephrology, Gynae & Obstetrics, Orthopaedics, ENT and other specialities working day and night in our Hospitals to ease out hundreds of patients attending our routine OPDs every day,” said Dr Samir Mattoo.

“In our designated non-Covid Hospitals all the specialities are working as per routine, we have set protocols as far as patient care is concerned, we made it sure that routine patients don’t suffer because of COVID 19 Pandemic, although it took a toll on out working as well as human resource management but we directed all the District heads to strictly take care of Routine patients”

He said the department had eight district hospitals, 47 community health centre’s/ Sub district Hospitals, 235 Public Health Centre’s, 284 New Type PHCs, 1124 Sub Centre’s along the length and breadth of Kashmir division.

“We cater to majority population of Kashmir in the far flung and difficult terrains of Kashmir division. We have the best Primary and secondary health Delivery System in India and we provide door step services to our population, hence it is imperative to maintain quality, HR and logistics,” Director Health services Kashmir said.

“General Physicians ,Orthopaedicians , Cardiologists , Neurologists, Nephrologists ,General surgeons , ENT Specialists  , Dental Surgeons, , General Physicians, Physiotherapists, have examined around 6 lakh patients in last month only despite lockdown and restrictions. last month around 2559 LSCS surgeries have been performed  , 995 Normal Deliveries were also conducted in different hospitals of Kashmir division  . Around 2770 minor & major surgeries have been performed by our doctors last month. All the CMO s have been directed to take special care of ILI clinics and everyone with Influenza like illness needs to be evaluated and sampled, he also stressed only one attendant should be allowed in the hospital with a patient so as to minimize contact”.

He said the safety of the health care warriors was the duty of the department.

“Our doctors, Para-medics and supportive staff are our hands and arms, these are my children and my duty is to keep them safe as they are fighting all odds and doing marvellous work. We have provided around 10518 PPE Kits, 20162 N 95 Masks,, 2 lakh triple layer masks, 32000 hand sanitizers , 5000 gloves and other logistics to districts. We are everyday asking for requirements from all CMO s so that all hospitals and staff are well equipped and better protected,” Mattoo said.

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