Army officers whose bases were attacked by militants in J&K may be told to ‘go home’: report

New Delhi has recommended to the Indian army high command that those officers should “go home” who were in charge of the Uri brigade, the Sunjuwan military camp and the Nagrota army base in Jammu and Kashmir when militants attacked their bases in past few years, Hindustan Times reported on Friday.

“The government has decided to send these officers home, seeking to take action against the senior leadership for security lapses that may have aided the attacks,” the report said.

The report said that the government has communicated its recommendation to the Indian Army and essentially the government wants these officers to put in their papers and retire.

“The officers will still be eligible to receive all the benefits that are due to them,” the report said.

It said that the army was communicated that commanders should put in their papers days after the new government was sworn in.

The report said that inquiries by the Indian Army into the Uri attack revealed lapses, importantly there had been prior information about a possible attack.

Similarly, inquiries into the attacks in Nagrota and Sunjuwan also revealed command and control lapses.

It said that the government wants to hold senior leadership responsible for lapses that may have aided the militant attacks.

The report said that after the Modi government came back to power last month, it revived the move for action against commanders under whose watch their establishments were attacked by militants.

However, the Indian Army is not keen to retire the commanders because of operational issues. “The attacks have been probed. Necessary steps have been initiated already, can action be initiated again?” it said.

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