Geelani pays tributes to ousted Egyptian president Mohammad Morsi

Srinagar: Hurriyat Conference (G) chairman Syed Ali Geelani on Tuesday expressed sadness and anguish over the death of former Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi.

In a statement Geelani said: “Although every living creature has to taste death, but some personalities due to their dedication, hard work, truthfulness and high moral values rule and conquer the hearts of countless people, not only who are near them, but even those who have only heard about them and their demise creates such a vacuum which for long, makes its well-wishers feel.”

Paying glorious tributes to Morsi, Hurriyat (G) chairman said: “When the dark clouds of death and destruction are seen everywhere particularly Muslim nations, when blood of innocents is made inferior and even to water, when highhandedness and autocratic rule suffocated every conscious individual, especially people of Egypt, leaders like Mohammed Morsi emerged as visionary and a torch bearer. His thunder and truthful roar, threatened every bad soul, who started to halt his progressive actions using every weapon in their arsenal.”

He said through the globally accepted and an authenticated system, Mohammad Morsi was elected to lead the nation. “But not only anti-Muslim forces, but so-called custodians of Islamic heritage opened their treasures to pump in trillions of dollars to help the anti-social, anti-revolutionary and anti-democratic forces to wage a bloody war against the Egyptian population,” he said.

Geelani said that rulers of Egypt’s neighbouring countries crushed every fabric of democratic and moral values and acted as “pawns” of world powers to “kill, maim, arrest and torture those who stood by their faith and commitment”.

Condoling and consoling the people of Egypt and the family of the deceased, Geelani said “the vacuum created by Morsi’s death should not let the cruel and barbaric forces to get encouraged”. He prayed for eternal peace to the departed soul.

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