Nocturnal clashes broke out on Shab-e- Qadir night in old Town Anantnag.

Forces allegedly went amok and broke window panes of cars

Srinagar: Nocturnal clashes broke out between youth and police on Shab-e- Qadir night in old Town Anantnag.

According to the witnesses, some youth gathered at the Sherbagh locality and raised pro-aazadi slogans. Later, they  and hurled stones on the police post Sherbagh. The police responded with firing tear gas shells and pellets, triggering clashes.

The clashes soon spread to Reeshi Bazar; Lal Chowk; Mattan Adda; Dangerpora and Kadipora.

During the clashes, youth identified as Adil Ahmad Malik of Cheeni Chowk received head injury shifted to district hospital  Anantnag for treatment.

On the other hand, the forces, mostly comprising of police, ran amok at Kadipora. The gate crashed into residential properties, vandalized property and also picked up several boys

“They ( forces) even went inside Jamia Masjid Hanfia Reeshi Bazar; Rehat Ded mosque Lal Chowk; Jamiati Ahlidaees Jamia Sherbagh; Pathar mosque Mattan Adda; Dangerpora mosque and lobbed shells and chilly grenades inside the holy places,” a witness said.

Many people including who were praying went unconscious.

According to witnesses, police caught hold of one person, beat him up and then arrested him. Even some minors and attendants of patients at maternity hospital were detained, witnesses said.

The pregnant women and new borns had to bear the smoke and pepper gas, witnesses added.

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