To protest New Delhi’s loot of Kashmir’s resources Er Rasheed to receive PM Modi with black flags in Srinagar

Srinagar: Former independent Jammu and Kashmir Lawmaker on Wednesday said that his Awami Ittehad Party will receive Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi with black flags in Srinagar during his upcoming visit to the state to protest against the colonial mindset of New Delhi and against looting resources of the state.

Rasheed in a statement asked New Delhi not to continue with its loot of resources of J&K and expressed concern over the proposed MoU to be signed between state government, New Delhi and NHPC for starting work on 850 MW Rettle power Project.

Rasheed said while State Power Development Corporation is competent enough to construct Retle or any other Power Project, New Delhi seems to be adamant to loot the states resources and is always utilizes services of NHPC like East India Company. “While GVK had started the construction on Retle power project but after feeling that state power Development Corporation will not allow it to fulfill the selfish designs, the said company left the project half-way.”

Rasheed said that while in the agenda of alliance between PDP and BJP, J&K was supposed to get power projects back from NHPC, it is shameful that New Delhi is misusing governor’s office and position to loot the resources of the state and is eying Sawalakote, Kirthai-I and Kirthai-II projects having a capacity of 3200 MW’s.

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