BJP-PDP destroyed state’s financial autonomy: NC

Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir National Conference(NC) on Monday said that the adoption of GST by former PDP-BJP snatched whatever powers were bestowed upon our state by virtue of our special status to tax.

Addressing a meet of party functionaries and workers at party headquarters Nawa-e-Subah, party’s additional general secretary Dr. Sheikh Mustafa Kamal said that National conference had raised alarm bells about the implementation of GST in our state. “Our party’s senior leader and former finance minister Abdul Rahim Rathar continuously raised the issue but PDP which was weighed down by its arrogance didn’t take note of our reservations about the implementation of GST law,” he said.

Kamal said we have been maintaining that GST is a regressive tax, and that it coupled with other imprudent steps like demonetization put the common people to duress. “Several people were reported to have died from standing in queues for hours to exchange their old banknotes,” he said adding that both the measures, time has proved didn’t prove favorable for the country.

Additional general secretary asserted that PDP is answerable to people for destroying the financial autonomy of our state. “Time has proven how the implementation of GST adversely affected our tourism sector. The Parliamentary panel report revealing the adverse affects of GST on the tourism sector of Jammu and Kashmir vindicates our Stand,” he said adding that the parliamentary panel led by Kanwar Deep Singh has revealed how GST has badly affected tourist related activities in the state of Jammu and kashmir.

He said that our party had recommended former PDP-BJP government to take cautious steps while implementing the GST, “But our repeated pleas fell on deaf ears and the way things have turned out vindicates our stand,” he said.

He said that the people across the country have rejected the economic policies of the incumbent central government led by BJP. “The people’s mandate  against BJP in the Hindi heart land is reflective of how badly people feel about the economic policies of BJP led central government,” he said adding that  after going  through the electoral debacle in central Indian states, BJP is now making amends to the GST by considering to phase out the 28% slab.

He said people of Jammu and Kashmir will never forgive PDP for the unscrupulous role it played in dismantling the financial autonomy of our state.

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