Adjournment of “Islamist 35 A” gruesome murder of judciary: Prof Hari Om

Srinagar: Former Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) ideologue from Jammu, Professor Hari Om, has said that adjournment of hearing of “Islamist 35 A” was a gruesome murder of judicary.

The supreme court today deffered the hearing on article 35 A till January next year.

“Adjournments on the basis of threats & spurious pleas is subversion of justice system. All right-thinking Indians must oppose subversion of justice system. Today’s adjournment of hearing on #Islamist35A was gruesome murder of judiciary,” Om wrote in a tweet.

In the another tweet, the right wing professor asked “dear hindus” to write miliion of tweers challneging the constituional validity of the article 35 A.

“Dear Hindus

I am senior citizen of 74 suffering in Jammu since 1945.

I want millions of tweets and retweets challenging constitutional validity of #35A

SC to hear 9 PILs against #Islamist35A on Aug 31.

Please use the next 96 hours to tell SC that you oppose it tooth and nail” Om tweeted.

Considered to be the front line ideologue of the BJP in Jammu, Om sternly opposed the erstwhile PDP-BJP alliance in Kashmir, for which he was expelled from the party’s primary membership for six years by state president Jugal Kishore Sharma.

By profession, Om, 70, has worked as a professor of history at the Jammu University. He has been writing columns in local and national newspapers wherein he espoused the cause of the BJP.

Om also wrote wrote the party’s election manifesto and shored up intellectual support for the BJP election camapign in last elections.

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