A cosmic event that only happens every 35,000 years: July 27, 2018, planet Mars will be as big as Moon

Two moons in the sky on July 27! The next time this cosmic event will happen again, will be 36,996

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On July 27, around midnight, do not forget to raise your head and look into the sky: Mars will be the most brilliant star in the sky. This is because it will have an apparent diameter as big as the Full Moon! It will be possible to observe, with the naked eye, a cosmic phenomenon which will allow the inhabitants of the Earth to behold … two moons!

This is the first time that humanity will be able to observe this exceptional phenomenon. The last planet Mars proximity of such magnitude dates back to exactly 34,978 years, the Neolithic period during which Neanderthal and Homo habilis, the distant ancestors of Homo sapiens, coexisted together. Species to which the human race – or more precisely, mankind – belongs today.

This unique cosmic phenomenon called “two moons” is related, in part, to the proximity of the planet Mars with the Earth. As you must have seen on TV or read in the press, the planet Mars is now closer to the Earth, it is also possible to observe the orange star at night in the sky by looking towards the South. This phenomenon is quite common and appears about every 15 years.

But what remains more rare is the conjunction of another phenomenon that has the effect of greatly amplifying the proximity of Mars to our planet.

Indeed, the elliptical orbit of the giant Jupiter has a complex apochromatic altazimutal velocity for which the cyclo-parabolic projection (adjusted Lambert benchmark) is affected by a singular analemmic anomaly modifying the apside line (Editor’s note: the line joining the apocenter at the orbital periastron) which crosses precisely the orbit of the asterism of the planet Mars. The peculiarity of this recurrent phenomenon (commonly called “circumstellar elliptic conjunction of coercive neuronal elongation” among astrologers) is to allow the planet Mars to be projected into the telluric zone of solar attraction as a projectile ” launched from a sling ” and this, exactly every 34 978 years!

In other words much more handy for an average Facebook user, Mars will be big in the sky !!

For practical details, Mars’ heliocentric granular apogee will occur on July 27 at a distance of only 32 million light-years with an amplitude of -2.84 at maximum for a magnitude arc of 3.14 seconds. As a result, on this precise date, the planet Mars will appear in the sky as big as the full Moon!

There will be two moons in the sky on July 27! The next time this cosmic event will happen again, will be 36,996 ……Share this information as much as possible with your friends because NO human being alive today will be able to behold this incredible phenomenon a second time.


The article was first published in http://www.scienceinfo.news

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