Over 4,000 Lives Lost in Jammu and Kashmir Road Accidents in Five Years

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SRINAGAR: The recently released data from the Traffic Headquarters in Jammu and Kashmir has highlighted the alarming frequency of road accidents in the Union Territory, leading to a substantial loss of human lives.

In the last five years, Jammu and Kashmir has experienced a total of 28,896 road accidents, resulting in 4,251 fatalities and 37,725 injuries, as per data obtained by the news agency KNO. The Jammu region has reported the highest number of road accidents.

In 2019, Jammu reported 3,907 road accidents, leading to 695 fatalities and 4,987 injuries, while the Kashmir division recorded 1,889 accidents, resulting in 301 deaths and 2,545 injuries.

In the following years, the Jammu division reported a higher number of accidents compared to Kashmir. In 2020, Jammu witnessed 3,086 road accidents with 487 fatalities and 3,798 injuries, while Kashmir reported 1,774 accidents resulting in 241 deaths and 2,096 injuries.

The year 2021 saw the Jammu division reporting 3,584 road accidents, leading to 560 fatalities and 4,640 injuries, whereas Kashmir witnessed 1,868 accidents, resulting in 214 deaths and 2,332 injuries.

Similarly, in 2022, the Jammu division recorded 3,886 accidents, with 562 fatalities and 5,554 injuries, while Kashmir reported 2,206 accidents, leading to 243 deaths and 2,818 injuries.

In 2023, the Jammu division reported 3,943 road accidents, resulting in 598 fatalities and 5,486 injuries, and the Kashmir division recorded 2,355 accidents, leading to 295 deaths and 2,983 injuries.

As of January 31, 2024, the current year has witnessed 398 road accidents, resulting in 55 fatalities and 486 injuries. The Jammu Division reported 284 road accidents, 38 fatalities, and 342 injuries, while the Kashmir Division reported 114 accidents, 17 fatalities, and 144 injuries.

This data was shared by the Traffic Headquarters of Jammu and Kashmir in response to an RTI application filed by activist Dr M M Shuja. The RTI was submitted on February 2, 2024, and the response was provided by the department on March 9 of the same year.

An official from the traffic department said efforts are constantly underway to mitigate road accidents and the factors contributing to them.

“The department is dedicated to raising awareness about road safety rules and regulations among the public. Initiatives are being taken to enhance the safe movement of two-wheeler traffic through awareness campaigns and strict enforcement measures, including issuing fines,” he said, adding that collaboration with various NGOs further strengthens the efforts to ensure better road safety for everyone.

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