Pakistan senate passes resolution seeking delay in parliamentary elections

Srinagar, Jan 05: Amid thin attendance, a resolution was passed in the upper house of the Parliament regarding the upcoming general election on February 8.

The resolution, moved by independent Senator Dilawar Khan, seeks to delay the polls due to security concerns.

However, it’s worth noting that this resolution is non-binding, meaning it doesn’t carry the force of law but serves as an expression of the house’s opinion.

PML-N Senator Afnan Ullah Khan opposed the resolution. The fact that the resolution was passed in a session with only 15 lawmakers out of a total of 100 in attendance suggests that the decision might not be representative of the entire upper house.

Dilawar Khan, as he read out the resolution, emphasized the constitutional right of every citizen to vote and stressed the importance of free and fair elections, contingent upon inclusivity and ensuring the participation of all regional people.

The situation indicates a debate and disagreement within the upper house regarding the timing of the upcoming general election and its implications for the security situation.

It would be interesting to follow the developments and see how this resolution and the concerns raised will influence the election process in the coming weeks.

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