Thousands participate in Khoja Digger at Naqshband Sahab (RA) shrine in Sgr

Srinagar, Sep 30: The 400-year-old religious practice, commonly known as ‘Khoja Digger’, witnessed a massive participation of devotees from all across the Valley on Friday at Khawaja Naqshband Sahab (RA) shrine in Old City’s Khawaja Bazar area here.

Thousands of devotees thronged the revered shrine and participated in the congregational Asar prayers—Khawaja Digar, a special prayer, being offered annually at the shrine on every 3rd of Rabi-ul-Awwal. The day marks the commemoration of the annual Urs of the saint of Naqshband Sahab (RA).

Khawaja Naqshband Sahab (RA) shrine is named after a prominent Bukhara mystic, Khawaja Syed Baha-ud-Din Naqshband Bukhari.

The first Islamic cleric namely Moulana Sidiq-ul-llah Shah started the religious practice 400 years ago at the shrine and the revered Saint, Khawaja Bha-ud-din Naqshband (RA) has never missed the Asr (post afternoon prayers) in his entire life thereby the special prayers at this time known as ‘Khoja Diggar’ is being held every year on the 3rd of Rabbi-ul-Awwal here to pay respect to the revered Saint.

After three years of Covid-19 pandemic, the devotees thronged the shrine without any fear and participated in the traditional prayers peacefully.

Witnesses said that the rush of the devotees was such that the hundreds of people had to offer Asr prayers on the roads. “The road leading to the shrine was blocked for vehicular movement and only the devotees were allowed to move towards the shrine by foot only,” witnesses said.

People from Zuhr (afternoon prayers) start thronging the shrine to participate in the special prayers.

The devotees said that adequate arrangements were put in place at the shrine. They thanked the Waqf board for taking measures to ensure smooth and peaceful observance of ‘Khoja Digger’.

Special prayers were also held for the peace and prosperity of Jammu and Kashmir on the occasion.kno

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