UT Elections might happen in March or April: Sajad Lone

Says there must be no communication gap between New Delhi and J&K, engagement must go on; PC ready to contest assembly elections whenever polls are held

Srinagar, Aug 29: The People’s Conference chairman, Sajad Lone on Sunday said that nothing started on August 05, 2019 and nothing ended on August 05, as it is a long game, and it will go on. 

Sajad Lone made these remarks while  addressing a presser at Srinagar following the joining ceremony of some leaders into the People’s Conference.

He said that it is a long game while stating that nothing started in August 05, and nothing ended on August 05.

“It is a long game, and it will go on, but the important thing this is that there must be no communication gap between New Delhi and Jammu and Kashmir, and the engagement must go on,” he said.

Replying to a question, Lone said that there may be anger against the leadership in Kashmir, but as on date they are powerless, and they cannot do anything.

“But we too have some role, and we have to safeguard the people and the younger generation, which is also a leadership skill and besides that we need to be patient. We will try our best. There is anger against present administration as well and the anger against the decision of August 05, 2019. There is simmering anger, which is more dangerous, but we are aware of it.”

On being asked about the expectations of the Kashmiri leadership had with PM’s All-Party Meeting and the follow up thereof, he said that disappointment among the people and leadership galloped since August 05 and honestly speaking he did not have any delusions about the all-party meeting with PM Modi New Delhi.

“What happened there was social and political interaction and exchange of ideas. I personally did not expect anything from that meeting. It was not like that we would have brought something from there and as far as I am concerned, I had an idea that its scope was limited, but I just hope that the Centre would follow it up,” Lone said.

He also said that the need of the hour is that there should not be a communication gap between New Delhi and Jammu and Kashmir, which is very important, and the engagement goes on.

Replying to a question, Lone said that one should not pass any judgements about loyalty and disloyalty, and one should not try be a hero and act like a god.

“There are no holy cows in Kashmir, neither on this side and that side,” he said while referring to media and politicians.

“When people were leaving the PC in 2001-02, then nobody asked why people are leaving the party then why people are asking question when leaders are joining the PC. Some parties came into being only because of the PC, then nobody questioned. Why nobody is saying that PC is a 50-year-old party. PC was never allowed to contest elections and when it contested, ruling parties resorted to poll rigging. Nobody is talking about this as everyone has become a nationalist Kashmiri, and if everyone is a nationalist Kashmiri then they should ask what happened in 1987, why nobody is asking about this.”

He said that in 1983, it was expected that PC would replace the National Conference, but they resorted to rigging and everyone is aware about the rigging of 1987.

“Now situation has changed and what we see today has a link to the past. We will do whatever it takes to usher in a new wave,” Lone said.

Replying to a question, he said that elections might happen in March or April and that is the idea they have got but nobody has given any date.

“As a political party we have to be ready for the election as elections can happen anytime and given the present situation and Delhi’s mindset. They give surprises, someday we might get up in the morning that election notification has been issued, that’s what is happening nowadays, but we are ready for elections,” he said.

He also said that the People’s Conference is caravan towards new change and people are coming towards it and PC will confront the coming challenges.

“We will give such a team to the people of J&K, which would come from the ground and will over the economic and developmental challenges, whenever elections are held i Kashmir,” he said.  kns

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