Heavy rains, windstorms destroy crops in Rajouri

Rajouri 01 August: Due to heavy rains and windstorms standing crops ,fruit and vegetables destroyed in many areas of kotranka sub district of Rajouri District.
Windstorms and heavy rains left behind a trial of destruction to maiz crops and fruit trees particularly. In many places water flooded and surges in the houses .
The distressed Farmer  Community of kotranka has appealed for immediate assessment of the crop damage caused due to severe windstorms in various areas of  kotranka subdistrict areas including Mohra, Draj, Jaglanoo, samote , Hubbi, Kandi,Targain,and many other area which are badly affected by windstorm and accordingly help This community by sanctioning compensation.
Crops are the only source of living for farmers and that has been destroyed today said one farmer namely Maqbool Hussain.

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