Kashmir Hospitals witnessing increase in admissions of critically ill Covid-19 patients, need more ICU beds: Doctor’s body


Srinagar, Apr 16: Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) on Friday said more intensive care unit (ICU) beds are needed to save severely-ill Covid-19 patients.

“We need to increase the number of ICU beds in hospitals to prevent corona deaths,” said DAK President and influenza expert Dr Nisar ul Hassan in a statement.

“Hospitals in Kashmir are witnessing increase in admissions of severe and critically ill Covid-19 patients over the past two weeks. And many of them need intensive care and/or ventilator support,” he said.

“At SMHS hospital, we receive 20-30 severe cases every day, and many of them are critical. They come in with ravaged lungs and oxygen levels as low as 50-60. They need ICU beds.”

“But they don’t get it because all ICU beds are occupied,” DAK President said.

“The situation is same in other hospitals where patients are struggling to get ICU beds.”

“With resurgence of Covid-19, hospitals have run out of ICU beds,” he said.

“Lack of ICU beds is turning into nightmare, with critically ill patients kept in general wards on regular beds.”

“Early transfer of severe cases to intensive care is key to help improve outcome of Corona patients,” Dr Nisar said.

“How fast intensive care is given to them determines whether they survive or not.”

“The constant surge in cases has meant that demand for ICU beds for Covid patients has increased,” he said.

“Every day we have over a thousand new cases of Covid-19 infections. About 3% of them get critically sick and require intensive care.”

“The next few weeks could be challenging as cases are expected to rise further because enough people are still susceptible to the virus,” said Dr Nisar.

“The situation can be kept under control if vaccine is opened up for more people and Covid-19 protocols are strictly adhered to,” he said.

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