Complete disengagement at LAC requires re-deployment of troops by each side, not attempting to alter the status quo unilaterally: India

Srinagar, August 28: India has said that complete disengagement at India-China border required agreed actions, not attempting to alter the status quo unilaterally.

“As you know last week, the 18th meeting of the Working Mechanism for Consultation & Coordination on India-China Border Affairs (WMCC) took place. During the meeting the two sides had a candid and in-depth exchange of views on the existing situation in the India-China border areas,” Foreign ministry spokesman said.

“Both sides have reaffirmed that the two sides will continue to sincerely work towards complete disengagement of the troops along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in the Western Sector in accordance with the agreements reached between the two Foreign Ministers and the two Special Representatives (SRs) during their conversation on 5th July”.

Spokesman said the  complete disengagement requires re-deployment of troops by each side towards their regular posts on their respective sides of the LAC.

“It is natural that this can be done only through mutually agreed reciprocal actions. Thus it is important to bear in mind that achieving this requires agreed actions by both sides,” the spokesman said.

“In this context, in the last meeting of the WMCC the two sides have agreed to resolve the outstanding issues in an expeditious manner and in accordance with the existing agreements and protocols”.

The spokesman said both sides also agree that full restoration of peace and tranquility in the border areas would be essential for the overall development of bilateral relations. The two sides had also agreed to continue their engagements both through diplomatic and military channels.

“I would also refer you to the recent interview of External Affairs Minister wherein referring to various past border incidents he had noted that what was common was that all borders situations were resolved through diplomacy,” the spokesman said.

“EAM had further noted that “when it comes to finding a solution, this must be predicated on honouring all agreements and understandings. And not attempting to alter the status quo unilaterally”.

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