JKAP to press for an early hearing in a petition challenging Abrogation of Art 370, Art 35-A in SC

SRINAGAR, August 27: Jammu and Kashmir Apni Party (JKAP) on Thursday concluded a two-days long meeting of its senior leaders that was presided by the party president Syed Mohammad Altaf Bukhari at party office in Lal Chowk-Srinagar.

Addressing the meeting, Bukhari said the JKAP was launched with a motive to put all its efforts to reduce the burden of miseries on a common man on the ground. He observed that the bedrock of the party is based on realism and pragmatic politics.

“The political conviction of JKAP is based on a realistic approach to deal with socio-economic and political issues faced by the people of J&K,” he observed, while pledging not to compromise on the basic principles of the party in any circumstances.

Bukhari said that for the last over 70 years of J&K’s history, the political discourse has witnessed commotion and politics of deceit wherein people were subjugated, browbeaten and exploited on one or the other pretexts.

Besides pursuing important socio-political and economic targets highlighted in the party agenda, the JKAP president pledged to press for an early hearing in a petition challenging abrogation of Article 370 and Article 35-A before the Hon’ble Supreme Court.

During the course of meeting it was resolved:

Early hearing in a petition challenging abrogation of Art 370, 35-A:

The meeting resolved to file an application before the Honb’le Supreme Court seeking the listing and an early hearing in a petition filed by one of the JKAP leaders challenging abrogation of Article 370 and Article 35-A. This task was assigned to party senior leader Jagmohan Singh Raina, one of the first few petitioners who had approached the Supreme Court on the subject.

Restoration of Statehood:

The meeting resolved that any further delay in restoration of Statehood by the Government of India will add to the already existing hopelessness and alienation among the people of J&K.  The meeting resolved that it is incumbent upon the Government of India to rise to the occasion and address the political aspirations of people, sooner the better. The party leadership also resolved that the party will further strengthen and speed up its efforts in pursuit of this goal.

Delimitation Commission:

The meeting resolved that no arbitrary increase in assembly or parliamentary segments by the Delimitation Commission will be acceptable and the party will put forth its viewpoint based on suggestions and objections, if any, before the Commission at an appropriate time.

Early Elections in J&K:

It was resolved that there should be no justification for further delay in elections in J&K which has no substitute in a democratic set up.

Restoration of 4G mobile internet:

The meeting resolved for an immediate restoration of 4G mobile internet services in J&K and solicited the personal intervention of the union home minister into the matter.

Revival of Tourism and its allied industrial sector:

It was resolved that the Government of India should formulate a special package for the revival of tourism and allied industrial sectors including hotels, handicrafts, tour operators, houseboat owners and Shikara owners which is critical to the revival of the distressed economy of Jammu and Kashmir.

Reviving Agriculture and Horticulture Sectors:

The meeting resolved for a practicable mechanism including an economic package to support the growers and farmers which is missing in both Agriculture and Horticulture Sectors in J&K.

Addressing Unemployment:

The meeting resolved that it will pursue formulation of a comprehensive job policy to address the mounting unemployment problem in J&K and ensure a dignified livelihood for the educated unemployed youth in government and private sectors.
Augmentation of Healthcare Infrastructure in view of COVID-19:

The meeting resolved to strive for the modern healthcare infrastructure in all government hospitals especially at district and sub district levels across Jammu and Kashmir in light of the requirements for battle against COVID-19.

Establishing separate CAT Bench at Srinagar:

The meeting resolved to continue its struggle for a separate bench of the Central Administrative Tribunal at Srinagar.

Removal of SRO 202:

The meeting resolved that it will continue to press for complete revocation of SRO 202 as the draconian provisions of this SRO are highly detrimental to the interest of employees and unemployed educated youth of J&K.

Ensuring rights of locals on geology and mining activities in J&K:

The meeting resolved for a comprehensive policy for quarrying and mining activities in J&K in view of the legal rights of locals on the natural resources.

Construction of Concrete Bunkers:

The meeting resolved to continuously pursue construction of concrete bunkers for hapless people living near border areas across J&K who bear the brunt of border skirmishes.

National Highway and Regional Connectivity within J&K:

It was resolved that the government of India should order immediate completion of Jammu-Srinagar National highway project besides improving Mughal Road and other regional road connectivity links.

Immediate relief and rehabilitation of Flood hit families:

The meeting resolved that the J&K government should take immediate measures to prevent repetition of 2014 devastating deluge and go for immediate relief and rehabilitation of flood affected families in Jammu province.

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