Apni Party is not a medium of representing people’s aspirations but a trade: NC

Srinagar,August 27:  National Conference (NC) on Thursday expressed shock over Apni Party’s statement wherein it had obliquely equated representing people’s aspirations with running a political shop saying the statement has lowered the sanctity of democracy besides revealing how morally and ethically deprived Apni Party is.

While taking exception to the statement of Apni Party, where in it had said that it will close its shop if Gupkar declaration signatories would succeed in restoring the Articles 370, 35-A, Party’s Spokesperson Imran Nabi Dar said that the statement indirectly reveals that politics for Apni Party is not a medium of representing people’s aspirations but a trade.

“The sordid assertions are coming from the horse’s mouth itself, not anybody else. They themselves have stated that if articles 370, 35 –A are restored they will be shutting their political shop. It is unfortunate to see Apni Party drag down politics to the level of barter and trade. They need to come clean on this issue and reveal to people where they are headed towards. It is a point of concern for the people of Jammu and Kashmir to have such people in public life as approximate politics with trade. The statement is disrespectful of the people and their genuine aspirations. It is indeed an eye opener for the people,” he said.

Referring to the Apni Party statement where it had alluded to restoration of articles 370, 35-A as impractical slogan, Imran said the cynicism of the APP on the restoration of Articles 370, 35-A cannot be made light of, and that there must be reasons behind APP’s disbelief that the Articles 370,35-A would not be restored back. In their previous statement these people have been claiming that they would welcome the restoration and in the same vein they maintain that nothing of that sort is going to take place. “The pleas challenging the measures undertaken by GOI regarding Articles 370, 35-A on 5th of August last year are before the constitutional bench waiting for the validation from it. There ought to be a reason why Apni Party is anticipating that the verdict would not come in favor of the people of J&k. This they have to clear before the people of J&k, who are yet to come to terms with what was done to them on the 5th of August last year. The veracity with which APP is anticipating the outcome of the pleas impending constitutional bench’s validation is suggestive that Apni Party being cohorts with the ruling BJP. Let Apni Party come clear on this issue,” he said.

Apni Party might have accepted the measures undertaken on 5th of August as fate accompli but as far as NC is concerned we along with other signatories of Gupkar declaration have joined our hands for a common cause and that it is to restore the honor of the people of J&k. “we are on the path of peaceful and democratic struggle, as politics is and has never been a vocation for us, it is a medium for us to mirror the true aspirations of the people of J&K. Luckily many saner voices from across the country are also rendering their support to us for a common cause of democracy,” he said.

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