In response to China’s aggressive deployment, India rushes additional troops to Ladakh: Report

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New Delhi: In response to the China’s aggressive deployment, India has rushed additional troops to the River Galwan flashpoint in Ladakh and constructed defensive positions after China upped its military presence in the region, the Economic Times (ET) reported.

The moves follow report in a Beijing mouthpiece that PLA border troops have strengthened “on-the spot response” and Chinese experts were quoted as saying that “if India exaggerates the friction, it could pay a heavy price,” the newspaper reported

ET quoting sources said several hundred soldiers from each side have been deployed as the Galwan standoff entered its second week.

Top-level engagement has been held to resolve the crisis. The Chinese side has over 80 tents and has made temporary defensive positions, with reports coming in that fast response reinforcements have also been moved closer to the Galwan river, it added.

ET reported that there have been no comments from the Army on the issue.

Sources said China’s aggressive deployment has been responded to by the Indian side with soldiers being sent from other areas as well.

ET reported that the strict Covid- 19 protocols are said to have been kept in abeyance as the situation has escalated.

According to the media outlet, Galwan standoff, which started on May 5, has now triggered a reaction in China as well, with the ruling party’s mouthpiece Global Times saying that it has “harmed military relations between the two countries”.

The mouthpiece has accused the Indian side of “purposefully instigated conflicts,” it said.

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