Geelani’s health worsening: Hurriyat (G) asks people to pray for his speedy recovery

'Continued house detention 'grossly' effecting his well being"

Srinagar: Hurriyat Conference (G) on Friday while expressing serious concern about the “worsening health” of its chairman Syed Ali Geelani, appealed the people to pray for his speedy recovery.

In a statement, a spokesperson of Hurriyat said that although “physical weakness” of Geelani is due to his advanced age, but “continued confinement in his house has grossly effected his well being”.

“Keeping a political personality away from his routine engagements and forcibly preventing him from participating in any social, religious or family function puts a lot of stress. It is surprising that mighty Indian establishment is scared of an old, frail man and feels comfortable by putting curbs on his activities,” the spokesperson said.

Hurriyat said that pulling all along through his political carrier, Geelani has always been an eyesore for the opponents, both “oppressor and their paid pawns”.

“To force this powerful voice to subjugation, first his close associates and amalgam workers have been booked in fabricated cases and put behind bars. When they failed to get him in line, they started targeting his children and grand children through so-called investigating agencies,” the statement said.

The spokesperson said that it is only by the grace of Almighty Allah and prayers of his well-wishers—that Geelani faces the “oppressive onslaught” so bravely and is determined to stand his ground.

He said that despite his bad health Geelani chaired an important meeting of the forum, but because of his chest infection and physical weakness, he is under strict advice of doctors and is recovering.

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