Sustained, meaningful dialogue between India, Pakistan must for peace: Rafi Mir

Srinagar: Former legislator and People Democratic Party’s Chief Spokesperson Rafi Ahmad Mir said that talks between India and Pakistan were imperative for peace.

In a statement, Mir said that he was hoping for reconciliation between the two neighboring countries. He stressed upon the need to restore trust deficit and favoured sustained and meaningful dialogue between India and Pakistan.

Mir added that the fresh round of talks will help in carrying forward peace and re-conciliatory moves to embed political stability in the region, especially Jammu and Kashmir.

“Jammu and Kashmir has been the main victim of hostilities since the end of a formal dialogue process and there has been a steady decline in India-Pakistan relations with frosty diplomatic relations” he said.

Mir urged Modi to take a lead with the strength of his mandate to initiate talks. Mir said that “political thought of former prime minister Atal Behari Vajpayee that one can change friends, but not the neighbours and the necessity of both India and Pakistan to progress together if they remain friends, should be followed.

“The situation is the same today,” he said, both nations should rise to the occasion to make lasting peace.

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