Probe ordered against Tyndale Biscoe, Mallinson School Principals, other officials, on bungling charges

Srinagar: A local court has instructed Crime branch Srinagar to start a ‘fresh probe’ into a complaint which claims that Tyndal Biscoe, Mallinson school Principals, and other administrative officials, have resorted to massive corruption and misappropriation.

The directions have come after former Estates Supervisor of Tyndale-Biscoe and Mallinson society, Rajan Sandhu along with member of Saints Paul Church, Isaac Samuel, approached the Chief Judicial Magistrate (CJM) Srinagar with complaint to probe the cases of “corruption and misappropriation” in the school.

In their litigation, they accused that chairman of joint management committee, Bishop of diocese of Amritsar, Pradeep Kumar Samantaroy, Principal and Director, Tyndale Biscoe and Mallinson School, Parvez Samuel Koul, Headmistress of Mallinson School and The Kashmir Valley school, Joyce Kaul, Administrator Tyndale Biscoe and Mallinson school, Rahul rex Kaul,  Chief Accounts officer of Tyndale Biscoe and Mallinson School, and Accounts and estates officer, Vijendara Dhanvantri were in league with each other in resorting to illegal and corrupt practices which was bringing harm to the school.

On March 22, the court ordered the Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Crime Branch to submit a fresh report by March 30, 2019 in light of the application made by the complainants on December 28, 2018 in the CJM.

Complaint makes sensational revelations      

Since one of the whistle blower has been the former employee of the Tyndale-Biscoe and Mallinson society, the accusations against the Parvez Samuel Koul, Joyce Samuel Koul who happen to be husband wife duo and principals of Biscoe and Mallinson Schools and their son Rahul rex Kaul, Chief Accounts officer of the schools, and others is sensational, as well as grave, if proven true.

According to the litigation, the diocese of Amritsar, Church of North India, governs and regulates the oldest and reputed educational institutions of Kashmir valley aimed at taking mantle of education of disadvantaged sections of the society in the name of Tyndale Biscoe and mallinson school, Srinagar, The Kashmir valley school Budgam, Tyndale Biscoe and mallinson school, Shaji marag, Tangmarag.

“The Principal Tyndale Biscoe School abused his authority by securing another appointment in the same post and allowance for sister concern Malison girls school Sheikh Bagh, Lal Chowk, Srinagar,” the litigants stated in their application.

“That Tyndale Biscoe principal and his wife Mallinson school principal both have exceeded their age limit for holding the office according to the amended rules of the Diocese of Amrtsar Church. This shows their abuse of their law governing the society”.

The litigants claimed that the order that was made effective in April 1993 has been unwarrantedly used as a tool to give shape and guise to the “misdeeds of withdrawing unaudited crores of rupees by way of labeling the sums as basic salary, cost of living, honorarium, travel allowance, medical expenses overtime etc”.

Further, they claimed that the assets of the society have been converted into personal assets.

“The illegal conversion of society assets into personal assets needs a thorough investigation. As in case of Tyndale Biscoe and Mallinson school Tangmarg, spread across an area of 19 Kanals of land , 12 kanals have been purchased in the name of Parvez Koul and seven Kanals in the name of Joyce Kaul, using the money of the society as reflected in the book accounts,” the litigation states.

“Furthermore a fire tragedy that took place in the same school in the year 2010. That their covert acts of illegally encroaching upon society assets was noticed and put on record by insurance company while they refused to grant fire insurance to the Tyndale Biscoe Mallinson School Tangmarg, in view of insurable interest as the asset which was purchased using the society funds, has been illegally converted into their own name by Koul and his wife”.

The litigants alleged that the Kashmir valley school, Humhama Budgam has also been wrongly converted in the name Parvez Koul, Joyce Koul and their son Rahul Kaul.

“The land for which was purchased from the local cooperative society using the society funds. Also they have paid electricity, water and the SMC permission fees amounting lakhs of rupees from the school funds,” they stated in the litigation.

“That the accused Rahul Kaul and Vijayendra Dhanvantri were  in league with principal and others due to which they have illegally and without and justification tried to cover up the illegal withdrawl of funds and illegal conversion of assets. The accused Koul, his wife and were seen to transfer society funds to themselves in the name of over duty, transportation charges and other expenses which tune to crores of rupees”.

Other than this, the complainants alleged that Samuel, Joyce and Rahul have transferred society vehicles into their own names.

“These schools have been illegally hijacked by one single family which is deliberately trying to change the basic structure of the diocese run educational institutes, viciously turning them from an educational society into their personal business enterprises and parents, casting a wrong impression that diocese was imparting education in conflict,” the two complaints claim in their legal application.

They allege that Parvez Samuel Koul, Joyce Kaul, Rahul Kaul, “is related to each other, have duped the parents and more importantly government by indulging in embezzlement of funds and transferring the society assets to their own kith and kin”.

The claimed Chairman joint management committee and bishop of diocese Amrtisar, who was the reasonable authority to look into various illegal acts and other regularities has blatantly refused to act in a lawful manner thereby deeply compromising his authority and indulged in changing the basic structure of the educational society in dispute.

“He is equally capable for going against the law and deriving unlawful considerations from the accused jointly,” the litigants claimed.

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