BJP-PDP in clandestine bonhomie, still in alliance ahead of Parliament polls: NC

Srinagar: National Conference (NC) on Wednesday expressed surprise over what it termed as clandestine PDP-BJP bonhomie ahead of Lok Sabha elections in Jammu and Kashmir, saying the duo were still in alliance and hand-in-glove to influence the polls by deceit and deception.

“We have credible information about PDP soliciting the advice and direction of the BJP for fielding candidates, convenient to it, for Jammu-Poonch and Kathua-Udhampur parliamentary constituencies to facilitate division of anti-BJP votes in order to ensuring the victory of BJP candidates”, senior National Conference leaders said in a joint statement, issued from Sher-e-Kashmir Bhavan, adding that arrangement of convenience is at its final stages.

NC leaders accused the PDP of brightening BJP prospect in the two parliamentary constituencies by fielding such candidates who can divide anti-BJP votes. Essentially a product of the BJP, the PDP did it covertly in 2009 and overtly in 2014. They described PDP’s anti-BJP posturing as a façade, saying the duo were in fact on the same page.

They said the BJP is in the process of giving names of the candidates convenient to it, who can cut the votes and have field day for its own candidates.

The senior NC leaders also saw a larger and sinister design in withdrawing the support to PDP led government in Jammu and Kashmir last year, months ahead of the scheduled Lok Sabha elections, saying all this drama was enacted to offset the growing criticism within BJP core constituency across the country over, what they comprehended, aligning with an anti-national party. By adopting this modus operandi, the PDP and BJP were actually complementing and supplementing each other in their respective constituencies by taking ‘North Pole South Pole’ posturing, they said and condemned the PDP’s politics of deceit and deception.

“The PDP is playing villain to the people, who are determined to uphold their special and unique identity, irrespective of regional and religious affiliations”, NC leaders said and warned the PDP for playing with fire by indulging in double speak and murky politics.

They termed the PDP’s so-called extreme posturing in the Valley as well-played role of a smart story line scripted in Nagpur with sinister motivation of facilitating BJP victory in the backdrop of Kashmir locale, making it a theatre of cross border conflict.

“Electors of Jammu and Kashmir will not oblige the PDP and the BJP to succeed in their dubious plot as they are politically matured enough to read between the lines”, the leaders said and complimented the people for their determination to foil the attempts of the anti-state political actors.

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