Well established fact Mayor, Governor backed by BJP: Dy Mayor Sheikh Imran

‘We risked our lives to keep Indian democracy alive, but have become untouchables in our society’

Deputy Mayor Sheikh Imran says he along with other corporators kept Indian democracy alive, but were ill treated

Srinagar: In a scathing attack, Deputy Mayor, Sheikh Imran has accused Srinagar Mayor Junaid Matoo and State Governor Satyapal Malik of being backed by the Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP).

Expressing his resentment over the amendment in the act of finance and planning committee, which has given the charge of the said section of to the Mayor Junaid Matoo, Imran wrote a fiery letter addressed to Governor, President of India, and other state officials, claiming that he along with other corporators kept the “Indian democracy” alive in Kashmir, but in return were met with ill-treatment.

“I do not want to convince myself and my corporators that we did a mistake by ignoring a well established fact that honorable Mayoris BJP backed and your excellency has been part of BJP and appointed by BJP,” Imran wrote in the letter, dated December 24, 2018, a copy of which lies with The Kashmir Press.

Srinagar Mayor Junaid Matoo

He, however, said: “But our innocent minds cannot believe this and are still not convinced that this could have been reason because we have faith in Indian democracy, in your able administration under the leadership of his excellency president of India, honorable prime minister of India, though the faith reposed stands shattered with many confusions  hence proving the narrative of separatists and across the border country”.

‘Kept in dark when the act was amended’

Deputy mayor wrote in the letter that the amendment in the act on 18-12-2018 took him and other corporators by surprise “which appointed honorable mayor as chairman of the finance and planning committee which has always been with the deputy mayor in and outside the state, this is indeed surprising to our corporators as we are neither selected nor appointed but honorable elected representatives”.

Governor Satyapal Malik

“The expression of resentment is only in the manner the act has been amended by keeping all the corporators in the dark even after having two council meetings, which leads to a suspicious thought as act is for the corporation and corporation is for the corporators therefore the act is for/by/of the corporators”

“It is a humble suggestion that corporators should have been taken on board in future for such amendments else it looks like a dictation for the elected representatives,” Imran wrote.

‘We have become untouchables’  

Writing further, the deputy Mayor wrote in the letter that elections and “votes are prohibited in Kashmir but we have dared and defied every boycott call and stood against all odds, we may have become untouchables in our own society”.

But, he also suggested the power corridors that things can be managed and ‘tables can be turned around’.

“If we are supported by our own state and country as we feel that some are waiting that when few of us will be killed, as none of our demands are resolved and day by day our excitement and enthusiasm is vanishing and we stand deserted, disappointed and demoralized,” Imran wrote.

He stated that wherein few of the corporators can even visit their homes and relatives in the broad day light.


 ‘Kept Indian democracy alive when regional parties stayed away’

Deputy Mayor, who has the support of 40 corporators, wrote that he along with other municipal corporators  contested elections against all odds and defied a strict boycott call taking life risk with all kinds of threats when major regional parties stayed away and did not talk of the votes.

“Even the candidates at many places could not have thought of even contesting elections,” he wrote.

A page of a letter Deputy Mayor wrote to President of India, JK governor and other officials

“We have contested election not only against the sentiments of separatists but against a country which is behind the boycott call.  We were very enthusiastic and excited to serve our people and honestly it is us against us all odds we have stood to kepp alive the democracy of India in Kashmir when everyone turned their heads away but unfortunately we are rewarded with ill treatment to our genuine demands and a night mare of amendment without taking us on board. We feel we are left in the middle of a sea even though we have proved that we risked our lives for our country and stood against all odds but unfortunately we do not have our own country at our back”.

‘Turning away from us confirms narrative of Separatists’

Deputy Mayor wrote that after risking their lives to contest elections to keep the “Indian democracy alive,” the ill treatment of corporators have confirmed the narrative of the separatists that the real power lies in Delhi.

“This proves and acknowledges the narrative of separatists and their thoughts that legislature and council does not have the real powers but are mastered by their masters in Delhi,” Imran stated.

“It frightens me and my corporators who have risked our precious lives defied all threats  but now feel a sense of puppets in the hands of conspiracy which question our inner selves that why were we kept in dark, what would be our fate next and what else would be amended on our shoulders”.

Only Mayor knew amendment in the act  

The deputy Mayor further accused that Mayor, Junaid Matoo knew that the amendment was in the offing.

“It was very unfortunate on the part of Mayor to issue directions immediately just as the amendment triggered in regards to finance and planning as if he was already ready which is evident from the actions done by him and his office and does not leave any room to be confused that in the entire corporation it is only honorable mayor who was aware and has been the part and parcel or initiated such an act wherein everybody else in the corporation has been kept in the dark,” Imran wrote.

Presents charter of demands

Imran wrote that they have gone from pillar to post as soon as we were elected requesting for the charter of demands wherein the act should have been amended immediately for their own survival.

“But unfortunately it has nothing for many of us and everything for few or rather one of us. We have put forward our demands to everyone.  It includes enhance salaries at par with legislators for all the corporators, safe and secure accommodations for all corporators, security for all, laptop and smart phone for all, enhance sitting fee for all”.

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