Iran launches mass production of fourth generation interceptor jet

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Tehran:To increase the air combat capabilities the Iran has launched the mass production of a fourth-generation all-indigenous interceptor jet.

Defense Minister Brigadier-General Amir Hatami presided over a ceremony to inaugurate the production line for the Kowsar fighter jet at Iran Aircraft Manufacturing Industrial Company in Isfahan Province on Saturday.

In a major step toward the renovation of its Air Force, General Amir Hatami said today,we declare proudly that we spare no effort in obtaining peaceful defensive technologies to defend our national security, the values of the Islamic Revolution, and the boundaries of our country.

The aircraft, which has been designed to provide logistical support for ground operations, boasts advanced maneuvering capability and can be fitted with various projectiles.

According to the Defense Ministry’s Public Relations Department, the production of each Kowsar jet would save the country around $16.5 million, reported the Press Tv.

General Hatami described the project as “the height of the proficiency of Iran’s stalwart sons” in face of sanctions imposed by the enemy.

The development has satisfied one of the most vital needs of the country’s military aviation industry, Hatami noted calling it “the very symbol of fighting the [global] arrogance and standing against the excessive demands of the imperial system, which is being led by the Great Satan, the United States.”

“The enemies’ psychological warfare, propagandist blackmail, and economic sanctions” had no effect on the lively trend of advancing the country’s deterrent capabilities, the defense chief added.

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