HP-based University announces scholarships for female Kashmiri students

Srinagar: Shoolini University in Solan, Himachal Pradesh, one of the top not-for-profit private universities of the north, today announced 25 scholarships for female students of Kashmir Valley.

Vice Chancellor of the University, Prof. P.K. Khosla, Vice Chancellor, said in a statement: “Recognizing the importance of imparting education to female students, the university has decided to have 25 scholarships for residents of the Kashmir valley, which would be up to 25 percent of the tuition fee depending on merit.”

 He said, “The University is committed to seek the best candidates without limitations of their financial backgrounds. University provides support, even up to full scholarship, based on each individual’s specific financial need.

If you are passionate about research and life-sciences, the University will ensure that your finances do not come in the way of your joining our programme.”

He said the University located in the serene and peaceful environment of Himalayas, is also the first university in North India to start job oriented programme in Yoga.

The University which happens to be India’s 1st Biotech University with a proven high-impact research model, has also partnered with a Chinese University under which team from Shoolini University will train yoga instructors there.

 Meanwhile, in a recent ranking by Education World, Shoolini has emerged as Himachal’s Number 1 private university and India’s 39th best private university. 

The University has also outperformed in quality of research, when compared with top 10 Indian universities and IITs, and is falling between ten Indian best universities and ten best global universities. 

 Yoga been introduced keeping in view the importance being given to Yoga in India and abroad. The programme will be mentored by Prof P.K. Khosla who is a practicing Transcendental Yoga practitioner for over two decades.

The programme has been started keeping in mind the fact that every school, college, university, hotel, resort and hospital etc. will employ yoga teachers both in India and abroad.

The programme holds great job opportunities. The doctoral programme in Yoga is also being started to strengthen the research base of Yogic sciences.

The university also announced innovative courses for the new academic session. Prof. P.K. Khosla, informed, new courses are unique and some of them are first of their kind in the region.

These include agricultural engineering, data analysis, yoga, network engineering, digital journalism and disaster management, which have been introduced for the first time in this region.  

Giving the information about new courses, the Vice Chancellor informed, B.Sc (Hons) Agriculture degree of 8 semesters and having 60 seats, prepares students for a wide range of careers in the agriculture industry and ancillary organization. 

School of Agriculture aims to produce able agriculture scientists and engineers, who are well equipped to meet the challenges of climate change and nascent second green revolution.

 B. Sc Hospitality & Hotel Administration has been introduced through National Council for Hotel Management and Catering Technology JEE or any other recognised entrance test, including Shoolini’s own test.

 Prof. Khosla said, through diploma in network engineering, one can go in for an advanced programme for those seeking career advancement in the field of network design and management.

Vast job opportunities are available as technical professionals who are responsible for functional efficiency of computer networks in an organization.

 With the growing need for social media networking, the university has introduced digital journalism course.

This course will give an insight to the students on how to plan social media strategies, reaching out to the right audience, content management and appropriate graphics/ visual support for better impact.

 Disaster management is another important course which has been added by the university.

This will help in training the students to carry out rescue operations in case of tragedies and natural calamities.  

Affiliation and partnership has also been sought with the University College of London. This is an ideal course for the Indian Himalayan States.

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