‘If private teachers can’t even write an application, why to expect much in return (salary)’: GN War

Srinagar: President of Private Schools’ Association of Jammu and  Kashmir, G.N War has said that teachers are paid according to their capabilities.

He was talking to The Kashmir Press in response to the queries as to why private school teachers are being exploited and not paid good salaries against their hard work.

 “If you cannot write an application letter, you should not expect much in return,” War said while explaining why the teachers were paid less in Kashmir.

He said that the schools that have low fee structure cannot pay more as there are certain constraints which include less funds.

 “They are both (schools and teachers)caught in a situation where they have to  make a deal. The teachers are not capable and schools are short of funds. So they end up making a deal where they agree to certain things,” War said.

On being asked why do the schools who have less funds employ teachers only to end up paying less, War said that it is  a ‘friendship of compulsion’.

“The teachers  aren’t competent enough and the schools are in  a situation where they have to show the parents that they have ample staff to cater to the needs of a child,” he said.

War however said that teachers with good caliber working in schools that have high fee structure should be paid at par with government teachers, “They should get similar package like that of government ones, like they have done in Delhi,” he stated.

Acknowledging the issues that private teachers face in terms of low wages, War  said that he suggests teachers to make proper agreement before starting work.

 “I have always maintained that teachers should talk with the school authorities before working so that issues like increment and other things do not create problems in the future,” he said.

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