‘Celebrate Eid with austerity and simplicity’-Qadeer Dar

'Also remember poor and destitute'

Srinagar: Voice of Victims on Monday appealed the people of Kashmir to pay Zakaat, Sadaqat and Sadaqah Fitr on time to the poor and destitute of the society, so that they can celebrate Eid with prosperity.

In a statement Executive Director, Voice of Victims, Abdul Qadeer Dar said that there are thousands of poor, destitute, orphans, widows, families with disappeared kin and kith besides languishing in jails.

“Such people don’t have any mode of income and nobody is there to help them except Allah,” he said.

“On the eve of Eid, when kids of well off families will be relishing feast and wearing costly clothes, remember there are thousands of such families in Kashmir who don’t have anyone to feed their kids a good feast and to buy a pair of cloths. We have to take the responsibility and help them,” he said.

He added that as Muslims and responsible citizens it is our “moral responsibility” to reach out to those in need before Eid so that they too can celebrate Eid enthusiastically.

He said that by helping the poor, orphans and widows, people shouldn’t think they are doing any good but take it as moral responsibility.

Qadeer appealed people to observe Eid ul Fitr with austerity and simplicity and not to forget the families of martyrs and detainees.

“Thousands of people have been subjected to enforced disappearance, thousands rendered orphans, thousands of women rendered widows and thousands our youths lost their eye sights and the property worth thousands of cores was destroyed past two decades. Thousands of people are still languishing in jails in and outside Kashmir so we must remember them and their families on the eve of Eid,” Qadeer added.



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