Sushil Pandit tweets fake news, declares ‘5 CRPF jawans martyred in Pampore’

People demand legal action against him

Sushil Pandit turns into a rumour monger

Sushil Pandit turned into a rumour monger on Monday when he spread a fake news declaring five government forces were killed in South Kashmir’s Pampore area.

“Just heard, 5 CRPF jawans martyred in Pampore. #RamzanCeasefire is working. Question is who is it working for!,” Pandit tweeted.


His tweet elicited stinging response on social media from the Kashmiris who accused him of tweeting “fake news” with “malicious intent” to mock at the government’s decision to halt operations in Kashmir.

Soon after the incident, social media users demanded legal action against Pandit for spreading rumours.

None other than former chief minister, Omar Abdullah was the first to take the lead and demand legal action against Pandit.

In a tweet he wrote:

“Given that NO ONE else has this “news” I think it’s safe to assume this is fake news spread with a malicious intent, the subtext being Muslim terrorists have killed Hindu CRPF jawans. These sorts of blatant lies must face legal action”.

Journalist Asif Suhaf while reacting to the tweet on social media wrote that Pandit was “out of his mind”

“Are u out of ur mind?? Spreading fake rumours & venom without even verifying the facts.. grow up,” Suhaf wrote in a facebook post.

Later, police  booked Sushil Pandit for spreading rumours and fake news.

The police said it took cognisance of the matter when it observed that tweet amounted to an offence under law.

“Police said it has registered a case in this matter at Police Station Pampore under FIR No. 49/2018 under section 505 RPC,” the police said in a statement.

Investigation in the instant matter has been initiated to ascertain the facts pertaining to the case, the police said.

Police has also directed a communication to the authorities in Twitter India requesting them to provide the details of this particular twitter user so that he is made to face the law.

Besides, police said people are requested not to pay heed to such unverifiable information and to stay away from rumor-mongering.

Pandit, who regularly appears on TV shows to talk about “Kashmir”, and writes columns in right wing Hindutva leaning broadsheets, is known for harbouring venomous anti- Muslim (Kashmiri) views.

He  is often heard asking Delhi to use iron hand against Kashmiri Muslims. He also distorts Kashmir facts to suit his right wing hindu agenda.

Recently, Pandit also was also seen tacitly defending the accused who were involved in the rape and murder of eight year old girl in Kathua.


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