Amit Shah virtually inaugurates Sharda Temple in Kupwara; says it is ‘beginning of a new era’

New Delhi, March 22: Union Home Minister mit Shah inaugurated  Sharda Devi Temple in Tangdar area of north Kashmir’s Kupwara through video conferencing.

Several dignitaries including Lieutenant Governor of Jammu and Kashmir Manoj Sinha, were present on the occasion.

Amit Shah said that today on the occasion of New Year, the newly constructed temple of Sharda has been opened for the devotees and this is an auspicious sign for the devotees from all over India. He termed inauguration of Sharda’s temple as the beginning of a new era.

The Union Home Minister  said that the architecture and construction of this temple has been done according to mythological scriptures under the aegis of Sharda Peeth.

The idol of Sharda Maa, donated by the Sringeri Math, and its installation here, the time period from 24 January till today was like a journey.

The reconstruction of Sharda’s temple in Kupwara is a necessary and important step in the direction of discovery of Sharda-civilization and promotion of Sharda-script.

Amit Shah said that once upon a time Sharda Peeth was considered the centre of knowledge in the Indian subcontinent, scholars from all over the country used to come here in search of scriptures and spiritual knowledge.

He said that Sharda script is the original script of our Kashmir, which has been named after the name of Maa Sharda. This is one of the Mahashakti Peeths and according to religious beliefs, the right hand of Maa Sati fell here.

Amit Shah said that Sharda Peeth has been a historical centre of India’s cultural, religious and educational heritage, like Kartarpur Corridor, Government under the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, will move forward to open Sharda Peeth for devotees.

He said that due to the efforts of Prime Minister Narendra Modi peace has been established in Kashmir after the abrogation of Article 370, the Kashmir Valley and Jammu are once again returning to their old traditions, civilization and Ganga-Jamuni Tehzeeb.

Shah said that as per its commitment of social and economic transformation, the Government led by Prime Minister Modi has taken initiatives in all sectors of Jammu and Kashmir, including the culture rejuvenation.

The systematic restoration and repair work is going on at 123 identified places under this, which include many temples and Sufi Places.

He said that in the first phase, 35 places were being renovated at a cost of Rs 65 crore. He said that 31 mega cultural programs have also been organized by identifying the 75places of religious and Sufi saints.

Shah said that 20 cultural festivals have also been organized in every district which will help in reviving our old heritage.

He said that today’s beginning will help in bringing back the lost glory of this place and with the blessing of Maa Shardathis place will remain the centre of worship and continue to awaken the consciousness of India for ages.

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