BIS Standarization for Kashmir Handicrafts

Srinagar January 18: In an important step towards finalization of standards of various crafts, a meeting of Sectional Committee of Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), comprising of Experts/Senior Officers of different Organizations of the country, was held in the virtual mode today on 18 the January, 2023. The committee has been constituted for determination of standards for wool, wool products and textile floor covering.

In his comments, the Director, Handicrafts & Handloom Department Kashmir expressed the view that there is a need to frame Quality Standards for Pashmina carpet as well. This will lead to improvement in the overall quality of such carpets manufactured in Kashmir valley. This proposal was accepted by the committee of experts and Indian Institute of Carpet Technology (IICT), Srinagar will soon forward a proposal to BIS, in this behalf. The BIS standards for silk and wool hand knotted carpets were also finalized

It is important mention here that the GI Certification of Carpets through QR-Code based mechanism is being done at IICT and more than 6,000/- carpets have been tagged/labelled till date. GI tagging of carpets is being done strictly as per the standard norms notified/published by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).

While discussing the quality standards for Namdha Craft, the Director informed the committee that same needs to be reviewed to suit the local requirements and the same was accepted by the committee. It is pertinent to mention here that the Department has already submitted dossiers for Registration of Namdha along with other six (07) crafts under Geographical Indication of Goods Act, 1999 and their notification is expected to be published in the official Journal of GI Registry shortly.

The Director, Handicrafts & Handloom Department Kashmir requested the experts of the Sectional Committee of Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) to frame quality Standards for all Handicrafts & Handloom Products, particularly those whose GI certification has either been done or is in progress. This will ensure standard quality of all such products to the satisfaction of customers/buyers.

The department shall soon start the certification and labelling of 12 crafts, including Namdha Including 5 GI registered crafts, which will ensure their quality and authenticity in the National and International markets which in turn is expected to benefit lakhs of artisans and weavers associated with these crafts. BIS Standards for pashmina have been fixed under IS744 and IS 17269.

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