Pulwama reports 200 cases of lumpy skin disease among cattle

Pulwama, Oct 12: At least 200 lumpy skin disease cases in the cattle have been reported in South Kashmir’s Pulwama district so far.

Top officials of the animal husbandry department said that over 200 cases of lumpy disease have been reported among cattle in different areas of Pulwama district.

They said that among them 11 have died who have been buried by following all SoPs besides that around 112 have already recovered and rest are active.

They said that in order to avoid spread of this disease, transportation has been stopped and district administration has already issued advisory in this regard and transportation of animals from Pulwama to other district or vice-versa has been banned.

They said that if any farmer will find this disease in any animal, he must separate and quarantine this animal for 10-15 days.

Farmers must contact nearest animal husbandry offices once they find symptoms in their animals so that they can get treatment on time and can be separated from other animals, they said

“We are taking all precautions so that it does not spread to other areas. We are also spreading awareness among the farmers on how to deal with LSD and prevent it from spreading,” they added.

Chief Animal Husbandry officer Pulwama Dr Mohsin said that there is recovery rate of around 60 percent in this district and around 99 cases are active besides that 11 cattle have died so far.

He said the vaccination process is going on and there is no need to panic as it has a mortality rate of 1-2 percent only and farmers must contact the nearest veterinary centre once they find any symptoms in cattle.

He said farmers must keep their cowsheds clean and mosquitoes and flies must kept away from animals which are spreading agents.kno

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