J&K reports 1,386 accidental deaths in year 2021

Srinagar, Aug 31 (KNO): At least 1,386 accidental deaths were reported in Jammu and Kashmir Union Territory in year 2021, NCRB data has revealed.

Data a copy of which lies with news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO) reveals that J&K is at second last serial in terms of reporting accidental deaths as UT is reporting 3.3 accidental deaths per one lakh population and on the other side Ladakh is reporting 51 deaths per one lakh population.

As per data Jammu and Kashmir recorded 1,386 accidental deaths last year while as in same period 153 deaths were reported in Ladakh UT.

The highest number of accidental deaths were highest in Maharashtra followed by Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Rajasthan.

Chhattisgarh reported the highest rate of accidental deaths (59.2 per one lakh population) followed by Puducherry (58), Andaman & Nicobar Islands (52.5) and Haryana (52.3) as against the national average already mentioned above (29.1), data reveals.

State and UT-wise categorisation of deaths revealed that in J&K and Ladakh 52 and 63 persons respectively had died in accidents caused by forces of nature.

As per NCRB data, J&K and Ladakh reported 1, 334 and 90 traffic related accidental deaths respectively last year.

Four deaths were caused by landslides (two) and collapsed structure (2) in J&K and Ladakh reported one death from a collapsed structure. Both UTs reported one death each from residential building collapses.

Thirty deaths by drowning were reported in J&K, while three deaths were reported in Ladakh besides that three accidental deaths at water bodies were reported in J&K.

Nineteen people died from electrocution, while two died in accidental explosions in J&K besides that forty five and eleven people died in J&K and Ladakh respectively due to falls last year and three and two persons died in J&K and Ladakh respectively due to factory and or machine accidents.

Eighty eight and eight people died in J&K and Ladakh respectively due to accidental fires, reveals the dat

J&K and Ladakh respectively reported 5424 and 237 cases. The number of persons who were injured in such accidents was 6, 856, while the death toll was 826 in J&K. In Ladakh, the figure was 291 injured, 56 dead. A large portion of these accidents occurred on roads, with 804 reported in J&K alone.

There were 15 railway accidents and seven railway crossing accidents in J&K resulting in 15 deaths and nine deaths were reported in J&K due to consumption of illicit/spurious liquor, data reveals.

Eighty six people died of poisoning in J&K, besides that 28 deaths occurred due to consumption of pesticides or insecticides and J&K reported 32 deaths due to exposure to poison gases besides that J&K reported 247 suicides in 2021, it adds.

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