Over 76 percent people in J&K own a house, 24 percent own a car: Survey

Srinagar, Jun 07: Over 76 percent households in Jammu and Kashmir have their own houses while around 24 percent households own a car, the National Health and Family Survey-5 (NHFS-5) has reported.

Official data  said that around 18.3 percent households in J&K possess bicycles, 30.3 percent households possess motorcycles or scooters and 4.1 percent households possess animal drawn carts.

It said that 23.7 percent households possess a car, however, 46.1 percent households neither have bicycle, car, scooter or animal drawn cart.

Furthermore, 37.6 percent households have no agriculture land while 37.8 percent have irrigated land, 20 percent have non-irrigated land only and 4.1 percent households have both irrigated and non-irrigated land, data adds.

The survey showed that 77.1 percent of households in urban areas and 76.2 percent in rural areas possess their own houses which mean in general 96.4 percent households possess their houses.

17.4 percent households in urban areas and 72.8 percent in rural areas that is 57.3 percent households possess farm animals besides that 96.8 percent of the population has a bank/post office account, it adds further.

12.7 percent households in J&K are covered under health insurance scheme Or financial scheme besides that 1.6 percent population have LLIN mosquito net, it adds.

It further adds that 38.8 percent households in urban areas and 61 percent in rural areas which means 54.8 percent households in J&K have Below Poverty Line (BPL) cards.kno

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