KU’s law student injured in scuffle

Srinagar, Jun 01: A law student of University of Kashmir (KU) was injured in a scuffle on Wednesday.

One of the BA LLB 7th semester students said that the department’s outgoing students of 10th semester allegedly entered the classroom and dragged one of the 7th semester students out of the class.

“Our classes were going on and some of the 10th semester students entered our class and thrashed one of our mates,” the 7th semester student said.

They also alleged that the 10th semester students took out some portable knives in front of the teacher who was addressing a lecture at that time. “The student who was beaten to pulp was taken to the hospital. He has reached back to the campus.”

“One of the students who dragged our batchmate is already under suspension for such activities. The teachers who were present during the scuffle couldn’t do anything,” the student said. KU officials said, “This was a minor issue and we have resolved it.”kno

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