‘Have installed range of modern equipment for air navigation, passenger safety at Sgr airport’: Dir Airport

Srinagar, Mar 25: The authorities at Srinagar International Airport have said that they have installed a range of modern equipment for the purpose of air navigation of the aircraft, passenger safety and security at the airport.

In a statement, Director Airport, Kuldeep Singh Rishi, said that the safety of passengers, aircrafts and employees is their top priority.

“We take all necessary steps to ensure that our operations are conducted in a safe and secure manner. With this objective, we have installed a range of modern equipment for the purpose of air navigation of the aircraft, passenger safety, and security,” reads the statement.

It reads that this equipment includes DVOR, NDB, ILS, XBIS, ILBS, and ETD. We recognize that a piece of equipment is as good as the person operating or using it.

“Therefore, we ensure world class training for our staff so that this equipment is utilized in the best interest of our passengers and airlines.”

It reads that the instrument landing system at our airport is designed to function at the visibilities of more than 1000 M. “We never operate a flight if the visibility is less than this threshold. As such, the operation of our ILS is completely safe and secure. To overcome the low visibility closure of airfield we are planning to install a CAT II ILS system.”

It further reads that the installation will commence in April and system will be ready for commissioning in October.

“The visibility threshold with the new system will improve to 500 M after commissioning of new ILS system. We have state of the art landing and navigation facilities and we continuously strive for their improvement in line with the increase in traffic.”

It also reads: “We also use most modern machinery for snow removal and ice clearing from the airfield. Our objective is always to ensure minimum disruption to the flight operations in all kind of inclement weather. We are sensitive to the adverse effect of the snow accumulation on the aircraft wings. Thus we deploy water spray for de-icing so that there are no unnecessary delays in flight operations.”

It reads that as a result of our safe and secure flight operations we enjoy continued trust of all our passengers and stake holders. “The rapid increase in our traffic is a testimony of the trust reposed by our passengers in our flight safety standards. We are investing about Rs 1,500 crores in constructing a new terminal building and six more aircraft parking stands so that we can continue to ensure a delightful travel experience for our passengers.”

“We would once again like to reiterate that our flight operations are safe. Our equipment measure upto the safety standards of ICAO and BCAS. The training of our maintenance officers is conducted at ICAO certified facilities in accordance with the aviation standards. Our motto of Safety With Security is our constant inspiration to improve our performance.”

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