Black Bear With 2 Cubs Rescued from Drugmulla in Kupwara


Kupwara, Mar 12: A female black bear was on Saturday rescued alongside its two two cubs from Drugmulla in north Kashmir’s Kupwara district.

Reports  said that the bear had taken shelter in an abandoned structure near Dogar Mohalla, Drugmulla area in Kupwara.

A Wildlife Department arrived at the site and on tranquillizing the beast safely evacuated it alongside its two cubs to a safer place.

A Wildlife Department official on the occasion thanked the local populace for their cooperation in safe evacuation of the wild animal. “It has happened first time in my over thirty year service that despite the female giving birth has been left alone and unharmed in some area and the local populace deserves due credit for this”, the official said.

“The animal would be released at some feasible place away from human habitation”, the official added. (gns

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