NC Denounces Downgrading Of Security Cover To Its Leaders In J&K

Srinagar, Feb 19: National Conference on Saturday denounced downgrading of security cover to its leaders in J&K as “reek of vindictive and vendetta politics.”

Taking strong exception to the measure, the party spokesperson Imran Nabi Dar said that the measure has been taken with a political axe to grind in the shape of giving fringe benefits to the ruling dispensation and deter all the contrarian voices from reaching the people. “The ruling party has descended to the ultimate personal vendetta mechanism, compromising the lives of the former Ministers of J&K, legislators and prominent party leaders,” he said.

“In the last few days, security has been withdrawn from a number of party leaders and activists without any legal or legitimate reasons being stated. This is an extremely deplorable turn of events and speaks volumes about the intolerance, arrogance and political impropriety of the ruling party,” he said.

Voicing the collective war cry of democratic forces of Jammu and Kashmir, Imran said only a popular government can restore some lost sense of confidence and normalcy in the beleaguered  region.

“The resumption of a genuine political process in the region is going to be long haul. This unjust move will deter the ongoing efforts of JKNC leaders from strengthening the political process on ground,” he said adding, “Continuation of political void in the region won’t benefit the country. On the contrary it will compromise the supreme interests of the nation. The security cover should be restored irrespective of political affiliations.”

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