CCAK aghast as govt again bans coaching centres

Srinagar, Jan 10: Coaching Centres Association of Kashmir (CCAK) has expressed its disappointment over the government decision to close the coaching centres in the wake of increase in Covid cases.

The Association said that whenever there is even a slight increase in covid cases, education sector becomes the first casualty. “We fail to understand why government seems to be keen to close down education sectors in the wake of even a slight increase in covid cases. After closing down schools and education institutes for years, the government has now closed down the only functional classes which were working hard to compensate for the loss of academics to these students,” said a spokesperson of CCAK.

The Association said that students are paying heavy price for the current situation as their studies have been heavily affected. “As of now all the activities of life like festivals, business establishments, overcrowded public transport, rallies etc go on normally, but only the academic classes are being targeted. Even WHO has said that we have to get used to living with Covid by adopting Covid Appropriate Behaviour (CAB),” said the Spokesperson.

The Association said that the coaching centres are adopting all preventive measures. “We are conducting vaccination of all students and ensuring adoption of CAB. Most of our students and entire staff is vaccinated. If on one hand when government is promoting vaccination of students, then why government has suddenly come up with an order to close down coaching centres,” said the Spokesperson. “There is a contradiction in government working too.”

The Association said that instead of closing the coaching centres, the government should implement strict CAB and that is the best way to defeat Covid. “Multiple studies have shown that complete lockdown doesn’t help in prevention and instead it increases the suffering of people especially students,” he said. The Association urged the government to reconsider the decision to ban the coaching centres for the benefit of student community.

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