Hyderpora ‘Encounter’: SIT Says Investigation Still Underway, Warns Political Leaders Of ‘Penal’ Action Against ‘Speculative Statements’

Srinagar, Dec 29 : Special Investigation Team of Police formed regarding Hyderpora “encounter” on Wednesday said that its investigation is still going on and warned political leaders of “appropriate penal” action for “speculative” statements for calling the investigation “Concocted Cover up Story”, “Ornamental Probe”, “Clean Chit to Killers”, “Fairy Tale of Police” etc.

“Today (29.12.2021) SIT (Special Investigation Team) came across with several posts on media from some political leaders and family members wherein they have casted doubts upon the evidences obtained by SIT so far.

These people have tried to call it “Concocted Cover up Story”, “Ornamental Probe”, “Clean Chit to Killers”, “Fairy Tale of Police” etc,” chairman of the SIT said in a statement to GNS.

“Pertinent to mention also that vide District Magistrate vide his Order NO. DMS/JUDINQUIRY/2838/2845/2021 Dated: 18.11.2021 wherein magisterial enquiry was initiated under section 176 Cr.Pc and accordingly the enquiry officer vide NO. ADM(K)/PSINQ/2021/1168/1172 Dated: 18.11.2021 issued a general notice through the electronic and print media and invited members of the general public to record his/her statement if any such person has any acquaintance or knowledge or proof regarding the incident,” the chairman SIT said, adding, “All such person making statements should have approached the enquiry officer with genuine evidences they have, for corroboration or contradiction of the facts surfaced in the case.”

He said the SIT constituted in the instant case is “still investigating” the matter and “all such persons are once again advised to provide any type of evidence if they have regarding the incident so that every aspect of investigation is covered and concluded on merits.”

“Such speculative statements from the political leaders have tendency to create provocation, rumour, fear and alarm among the general masses or particular section of society,” he said, adding, “This kind of approach is against the rule of law and may attract appropriate penal provisions as envisaged under law.”

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