Establish CCC to stub dropout rate, Out of School Children issues in JK: MoE

Srinagar, Aug 30: In order to keep a tab on dropout students and Out of School Children (OoSC), the Ministry of Education (MoE) has suggested the government to establish a Control and Command Centre (CCC) for teachers and schools.

It has been learnt that MoE has said that this will help teachers to reach the last child in the last mile.

“States may establish a Control and Command Centre (CCC) for teachers and schools to keep track of enrolled students, learning at home, dropouts and information on child labor mainstreamed,” MoE said.

The documents of MoE also state that the CCC will also help in finding out the status and solution of Out of School Children, textbook delivery and the support required by teachers and schools.

Besides, the MoE also said that the concerned authorities of Jammu and Kashmir and other States and Union Territories (UTs) shall also consider having a helpline or Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) for students and parents for some time.

“This helpline could be of great help to students and parents tracking textbooks, worksheets, solving queries, getting information on digital modes,” it reads.

It also suggested that the teachers of government-run-schools may visit students at least once in a week with a brief plan of interaction with students and parents, particularly in far-flung and remote areas where access to digital devices is minimal. kno

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