Permit Friday Prayers In Jamia First, Then Muharram Procession: Agha Ruhullah Suggests: Govt

Aga Syed Ruhullah Mehdi Al-Musavi

Srinagar, Aug 1: Former Cabinet Minister of Jammu and Kashmir and three times legislator Ruhullah Mehdi question Government over allowing of Muharram Procession after gap of 30 years.

Not allowing Amarnath yatra, Eid prayers, and continues closure of major masjids and shrines and Now sudden decision on allowing of Muharram procession from Abi guzar to Lal chowk after gap of 30 years Raises more questions then it answers, Ruhullah Mehdi Tweets on its official twitter handle.

In a series of tweets Ruhullah Mehdi wrote that, There is list of decisions-taken in circulation, in which, if my reading of this order is correct, the administration has decided to allow the 10th Moharram procession from Abiguzar to Lal Chowk (a temporary & alternate route proposed in 2018) after a gap of 30 years, he said

This decision has come at the time when the Administration has called off Amarnath yatra. Eid prayers this year were not allowed at Jama Masjid & other important places imposing the Disaster Management Act.

Only few days ago the IGP Kmr told people to celebrate Eid “at their homes” invoking Covid protocols. The Friday prayers at Jama Masjid have not been allowed for the last more than 100 Fridays & continue to be banned, again invoking Covid 19 protocols. The list goes on.

Given the fact that all other major religious gatherings(with no exception to any particular religion)continue to be banned. This sudden isolated decision about 10th Moharram procession from Abiguzar to Lal Chowk,after a gap of 30 years, raises more questions than it answers.

To answer those questions and to make it clear that there are no nefarious designs behind this decision,this 10th Moharram procession should be preceded by Friday prayers at Jama Masjid before this 10th Moharram. Friday prayers before this year’s 10th Moharram should precede.

If the Friday prayers and other major religious functions (across all religions) continue to be banned and this particular procession suddenly encouraged in isolation. In that case, I see nefarious designs behind it.The people should not fall for this bait and into this trap.

Therefore the responsibility lies with the administration to come clean. Now that the time for Eid prayer this years has passed. Lift the ban on Friday prayers at Jama Masjid too, like you suddenly took this decision and prove that there are no nefarious designs. Ruhullah Mehdi wrote on twitter.

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